Monday, May 2, 2011

New Tribes: Ascend concept art shows off vehicles‎

Atlanta-based Hi-Rez Studios has released new concept art for its upcoming PC and Xbox 360 take on the Tribes series, Tribes: Ascend.
The concept art gives a look at two of the light vehicles from the game - the Shrike and the Gravcycle.
The Shrike is a open-cockpit attack craft with a front and rear engine that can rotate. Presumably this is so that the craft can hover and perform other manuevers. It is equipped with a blaster under each wing.
The Gravcycle is a two-seated light scout vehicle with no built-in armament. This vehicle was extremely fast in Tribes:AA but only sported a single seat. Adding an additional seat makes this the likely flag capper vehicle of choice for Tribes: Ascend.