Tribes: Aerial Assault Clan History

.:808 (Capout 808) Numskull, Riku, loveHATE

{AMUD} (A Most Ungrateful Death) - Waffle

-=ADA=- (Advanced Destruction Alliance) Relic

AI. (Aerial Innocence) - Cast

aM- (Team Aftermath) - Atrocity, Intox

~AD~(After Death) Judgement, Warbird, Bluestorm *

AS> (After Shock) Peopleschamp

(AO) ((Angel Of) Clan) - Angel Of Life

[aP]- (Apex) - -=IcE-MaN=-

.BAM! (as in BAM!) - Skulli, Pikashlong

{B/S} (Beer & Shots) - Beerknight

!BiO! (Biohazard) Imperial (??) Renowned *

.:+:. (Crusaders) - Skillz

}D+A{ (Dead Aim) - ReLeX *

(??) * EC. (Easy Company) JaXoN

.|EM|. (Elite Mafia) - Ice-101, Asschopa

.enD (Team Endless) Ocelot

eT- (Eternal) - Reign, Trizkit, loveHATE

eV> (Evolution) - Peopleschamp *

.exe (Executable) - Semikiller, Dirty Bill

(Exiled Alliance) Panther

!XoA! (Exiled Order of Armageddon) Vanilla

XP. (Explicit) - Cideviper

}XD{ (Extreme Destruction) - Race

}X{ (Extreme Resurrection) - Blitz Ace

.Etc (Extreme Tribes Crew) - -=IcE-MaN=-

-=FA=- (Fallen Angel) - DpK, DsK *

|F:K| (Fusion Knights) - Strikeagle, Xavier

~GoD~ (Glory or Death) - Sinner, (/\)idowMaker

[G] (Gangsterz) Pimpdaddy, Wolfen *

{G+R} (Guns and Roses) Warlance *

.:GD:. (Grim Deliverance) - Judge, Judgement, Warbird *

[HH] (Head Hunters) Capn Morg

hR| (Hellraisers) - Bruin *

(High Speed Death) *

{HND} (Honor Never Dies) Raven

(INS) (I Never Surrender) - Amber

.Inc (Incorporated) RoBBo

(Imperial Warriors) - Rabbit, Bronchitis

^IO (Inevitable Onslaught) - Baumer, Jackal

~IcP~ (Insane Clown Posse) - Boogieman

[JOT$] (Johnny On The Spot) - Major Woody

(Kill Em All) - Fuzz *

(KN) (Knights of Ni) *

[KR] (Kronic Raiders) - Banks, Numskull

>L< (Legion) *

{MoH} (Men of Honor) Raven

]M[ (Mercs, as in Mercenarys) Traitor

(NS) (Navy SEALS) Navy Seal

.NsD (Never Say Die) - Snake19, 0verkill *

.NWO (New World Order)

[MIA] (Missing In Action) - Doc Holliday

.Nos (No One Survives!) - Bronco, FunkDoc

=ONI= (Oni Demon) - Krull, Kysuun

.|OTB| (Only The Best) Jinx

=O:A= (Order of Armageddon) *

OLD. (Original Legionnaires Division) *

PAYBACK. (Payback Clan) - ill

(Pretty Good Players) - Glenshadow

.POW (as in POW!) - Mayhem, Skulli

{R:A} (Relentless Assault)*

[-R-] (Restricted) - Ocelot

.iR!. (Revolution) - Stryfe, loveHATE

[RoT] (??) Joker USA *

|SAD| (Seek and Destroy) *

(Shadows of Substance) - Rokken, Fall guy, Race The Sun

]S&A[ (Shock and Awe)

(Shock Trooperz) - Lava

SRA- (Silent Rabid Assassins) - Sonoma

^$iN (Sinister) Regulator

{SoD} (Soldiers of Destruction) Linkin *

=SoL= (Sons of Liberty) - Plike

.:SF. (Special Forces) Cidevipe

r ~E~ (The Elite) - Aquarius

(Top of the Line) - JOE $MOE

.TMO (Total Mad Ownage) - J-dog23, Assault

(Tribes Crew) - Chicagodave

()TNT)~ (??) *

[UC] (United Clans) - Devilgear

-)UF(- (United Forever) - Quicksilver, Haus

[UTF] (United Tribal Force) *

V// (Velocity) - Microsoft

(Warriors 2 Death) Fardeath *

=>W<= (Wrath) - GODZILLA

!-DBZ (Team Z) - Krilldog

(Zero Gravity) - Phyr, Agent Zero

|Z:G| (Zero Gravity 2) Agent Zero

-Z- (Zoinks!) Hoax  

Tribes: Aerial Assault Tournament History (Format of 1st | 2nd | 3rd)

GTT I (CTF): .POW | .Inc | <PGP>

GTT II (CTF): .Inc |<PGP> | <EX>

GTT III (CNH): <sOs> | .POW | ]M[

GTT IV (CTF): .POW | TMO. | <sOs> Bracket

GTT V (CTF): TMO. | <EX> | .POW Bracket

GTT VI (TDM): .Inc | ~GoD~ | =ONI= Bracket

GTT VII (CTF): .Inc | <EX> | .POW Bracket

GTT VIII (CNH): <sOs> | .POW | <Z:G> Bracket

GTT IX (CTF): .Inc | .POW | <sOs> Bracket

GTT X (TDM): .POW | .Inc | <TC> Bracket

GTT XI (CTF): .Inc | [-R-] | <EX> Bracket

GTT XII (CNH): .Inc | [-R-] | <Z> Bracket

GTT XIII (CTF): .POW | .Inc | <EX>

GTT XIV (TDM): .POW | EC. | <TC> Bracket

GTT XV (CTF): <EX> Projected: .POW | }XD{ (Silver match was unfinished)

GTT XVI (Summer Classic) (CTF): <EX> | .POW | <TC> Bracket

TGT (Tribal Guild Tournament): (Format of 1st | 2nd | 3rd)

TGT I (CTF): <EX> | <TC> | -}XD{-

TGT II (CTF): <EX> | [-R-] | ^A.:

TGT III (CTF): eT- | <EX>| .|EM|.

TGT IV (CNH): eT- | ^$iN | <EX>

TGT V (CTF): <EX> | -Z-| <TC>

TAAT (Tribes Aerial Assault Tournament): (Format of 1st | 2nd | 3rd)

TAAT I (CTF/TDM): [UC] | <EX> | .Nos

           TWL (Team Warfare League): (Format of Win-Loss-Forfeit)

.Inc: 22-1-1

<TC>: 21-13-0

.BAM: 19-10-0

<Z>: 18-13-0

SRA-: 13-11-0

[-R-]: 12-3-0

-=ADA=-: 11-10-2

IO^: 9-1-0

<sOs>: 9-2-1

~GoD~: 9-4-0

]M[: 9-23-0

|Z:G|: 8-3-0

!-DBZ: 8-14-2

^$iN: 7-0-0

{HND}: 7-1-1

<EX>: 7-6-0

[JOT$]: 7-11-1

.TMO.: 6-3-0

[UC]: 6-5-0

{F:K}: 6-7-1

<PGP>: 6-11-0

=ONI=: 6-11-0

.Etc: 5-3-0

-}XD{- 4-0-0

AS> 4-7-1

|SAD|: 3-0-1 *

{SOD}: 3-2-1 *

.enD: 3-3-1

!XoA!: 3-7-0

.exe: 3-7-2

<S>: 2-1-0

.|EM|.: 2-2-0

.:SF.: 2-2-0

<TOL>: 2-3-2

[HH]: 2-5-0

|OTB|: 1-0-0

EC.: 1-1-1

{MoH}: 1-3-1

{AMUD}: 1-2-0

=O:A=: 0-0-1

{B&S}: 0-7-3

Tribes: Aerial Assault Online History

1. GAMEFAQS forums slowly but surely created the POWOW forums.

2. POWOW forums made the jump to TribesAA.com on ???-??-2002.

3. TribesAA.com was a Christmas gift for POWOW.

4. Guild Standard Matches were an important start for the GTT. The idea was a clan would move up a round in map rotation every time they challenged another.

5. The Guild Tribal Tourney (GTT) started on ???-??-2002.

6. Missile dodging was removed from match servers shortly before the start of GTT III.

7. TribesAA.com was converted to Gamerplug.com on ???-??-????.

8. Aerial Assault Dedicated Server (AADS) was publicly released on apr-03-2004 as an online scheduler.

9. AADS beta was officially released to the public on may-12-2004 as a stand alone .msi file for PCs. View Changelog.

10. Jayman let loose Cap Fast on ???-??-????. Install Information. Files: v37 v29 (right click, save as, save type as "all files", add .".zip" to name, and unzip)

11. A secret "code" was found out that would allow any player to have a computer symbol next to their name. This also gave special privileges for not being able to be voted out of a game. This was later fixed.

Important Facts:

.POW's first losses: CTF - .Inc (808), TDM - ~GoD~, CNH - <sOs>

Inc's first losses: CTF - .POW, TDM - .POW, CNH - ]M[

.Inc posted a 9 month CTF winning streak, finally ended by [-R-] on ???-??-??

First clan to ever cap on .POW was <PGP>

Major Known Clan Rivalries:

.Inc vs .POW

eT- vs. ^$iN

.TMO vs .POW

<EX> vs .Inc

[-R-] vs <EX>

[-R-] vs. .Inc

eT- vs <EX>

<Z:G> vs <EX>

^$iN vs <EX>

(Note: possible errors or missing data. If you have something to add or fix please post here or email)

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